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  • What color linens do you provide?
    Our wedding packages include white polyester (tea length and floor length) linens, ivory polyester or crushed taffeta. Polyester linens come steamed and on your tables, ready for you to decorate. All of our non-wedding event packages include red polyester & crushed taffeta linens. You also have the freedom to bring in any of your own linens.
  • What are your rehearsal dinner options?
    For our booked couples, with a two-day package, we have two options to help ease the planning of your "night before" dinner... Our DIY option includes tables, chairs, and linens for your self-catered dinner. Our All-Inclusive option includes… well, (just about) everything! You choose your menu and show up hungry... we’ll handle the rest! .
  • Can I bring in my own vendors?
    Absolutely! While we have a AMAZING preferred vendor list, if you need assistance in vendor selection, other vendors are welcome with prior approval.
  • Is a wedding coordinator required?
    While we highly recommend the use of the Brookside coordinating staff, it is not required.
  • Will event staff be present during my event?
    Our wedding packages include event staff to assist in venue area needs such as, but not limited to the following: - parking directing -“gate keeping” - servicing the event for needs like spills, trash and bathroom maintenance - and much more..
  • Are there any decorating restrictions?
    There are a few things we do not allow and a whole lot more that we do! We do not allow nails, tacks, staples, or duct tape – nothing that leaves a hole or residue. Command hooks will be your best friend! Absolutely no glitter or confetti of any kind may be used for any event. While we allow flamed candles, we do not allow them to be used in our candle holders, cylinders, etc. (with the exception of floating candles). However, when bringing your own holders, they must sufficiently catch any wax dippings to prevent them from dripping onto the tables or floor.
  • What about flower petals? Yes, no?
    Flower petals are fantastic and as long as they’re inside, we have no preference. However, if they’re being used outside, they must be live and not silk.
Photo: Lindsay Ott Photography

Ellisville, Mississippi Brookside Barn Wedding and Event Venue

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