You may think your wedding will be ruined if it rains – but truth be told, there’s absolutely nothing you should worry about. Why do it, after all? Rain and weather is not something you can control or plan, especially with that many months ahead of time – so there’s […]

A Rainy Wedding Day Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Studies show food is one of the first and foremost important elements in a wedding – not only for the bride and groom, but even more so for the guests. So, if you want to make sure your guests have an amazing experience at your wedding, you should definitely focus […]

These Are the Best Food Trends for 2018

As the bride and groom, you really want all of your guests to have a great time attending your Big Day. Of course, this includes your out of town guests. What special instructions are there to help you make sure their trip is as pleasant as they get? We have […]

Remember to Take Care of Your Out of Town Guests!

  Your wedding should mirror you – who you are, what you believe in, and what you love most in life. Are you the kind of couple who loves spending quiet evenings together? Maybe you are on a lower budget? Or maybe you are just tired of seeing the same […]

Plan Your Perfect Daytime Wedding

Sending the wedding invitations is not as easy as it would seem from afar – and anyone who has ever planned a large event knows this. How do you do it the proper way? How do you send your invitations in a way that follows etiquette? We have some tips […]

Send Your Invitations the Proper Way

Couples planning their Ellisville wedding are sometimes confused by the sheer amount of wedding rules and etiquette do’s and don’ts they have to follow. Of course, these days, most of these unwritten wedding laws do not have to be strictly followed – but some of them should, precisely because they […]

Wedding Menu Etiquette You Need to Know

Having a fall wedding is a truly amazing choice for someone who wants their Big Day to stand out in uniqueness. Plus, a fall wedding is a good way to save serious money too – so you have all the reasons to fancy the idea. What are the ideal themes […]

These Themes Are Ideal for a Fall Wedding

Love is truly the sweetest thing on Earth – but when it comes to a wedding, you might want to add a bit of extra-sweetness into the mix (just enough to boost your guests’ mood and energy and keep them dancing all night long, of course). How to plan the […]

Plan the Perfect Dessert Bar for the Big Day

Your wedding is a very big event in your life – so it is only natural to want everyone invited to feel really great while celebrating with you. Sure, the music, the food, the décor – they will all play a huge role in the experience you create for your […]

This Is a Guestbook People Will Actually Want to Sign

They used to say Millennials will never settle down and start families – but if you belong to the same generation, you know this is completely untrue. Even more, you know your friends love a good wedding – and you want to make sure they are genuinely happy attending yours. […]

Millennials Don’t Like These Wedding Elements